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Students may need to take prescription or non-prescription medication during school hours.  Students must bring their prescription or non-prescription medication to the school office to be dispensed from there.  The school must know the medications a student is taking in the event that the student has a reaction or illness.  

Administering Medications at School Form


When sending any prescription or non-prescription medication to school, parents must send:  
• Written parental permission – forms available in the office
• Medication in the original labeled container

    For prescription medication, the pharmacist will supply a duplicate labeled container so one can be kept at home and one can be kept at school.  Each container should have the phone number of the pharmacy, student’s name, physician’s name, medication’s name, dosage, time to be given, and route (oral, inhaled, etc.).  
    A written order from the physician for all prescription medication – the label on the current bottle is acceptable.  Over the counter medicine administered for more than three consecutive school days must be authorized by the physician in writing.  Storage:  Medication is held in a locked cabinet and distributed by the school nurse or designee.  Exceptions are students who may carry an asthma inhaler, if they have written parental and physician permission.  
Half tablets:  School staff will not be responsible for breaking tablets in half.  This will not be done at school.  When there is a physician order to give one-half of a tablet, please talk with your pharmacist.
Field Trips:  If your child takes daily or as needed medication, you will need to indicate whether or not there is a need for this medication on field trips.  There is a box to fill out in regard to this on the medication administration form.  School nurses do not routinely accompany students on field trips and a teacher may be responsible for administration of medication.
Standard Medications:  Health services staff will administer only medication that is listed and described in the Standard Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) or the over-the-counter (OTC) PDR.
Nebulizer Treatments:  When nebulizer treatments are required, special arrangements must be made in advance with the School Nurse.
Thank you for your cooperation on these medication procedures.  Our intent is to insure safety and good health for your child.